Monday, December 6, 2010

The Week I was in Love

Okay, so this is what happened. I was totally out of control for more than a week. The moment I got up, I started to think about it. I went to classes thinking about it, and dreamt about it too. But most nights I stayed awake, thinking how nice it was, what a lovely, warm, fuzzy feeling it gave me. It was something I had never experienced before.

Yes, it was Facebook. By the time I had discovered my addiction to it, it was too late. About, three mid terms and two quizzes later, I decided to quit. It was very difficult. Facebook made it even more so. Temporary deactivation was just as good as logging out and returning just needed your password. I wondered why it was even created in the first place. Apparently for me. I temporarily deactivated my account thrice!

It of course did not work. So decided to enlist help and started to open a Facebookers Anonymous club. No one was as desperate as me.

Then I did the impossible. I relinquished the password to my account to my roommate and breathed a sigh of relief. I soon had withdrawal symptoms which included a headache and blogging (weird, I know). I am not sure if I had deliria. Hope not. And if I did, fuck the people who noticed and didn’t tell me. yes, I did find out all about withdrawal symptoms from Wikipedia, being the hypochondriac that I am.

So, the symptoms soon dissipated but the weeks wasn’t over yet. I was about to fall in love. And it happened so suddenly, that I did not even realize for the first few hours that it had happened. And then it hit me.

I am in love and I am loving it. This was my state of mind. On Facebook. Updated by my roommate as a retaliation of something irrelevant, small and inconsequential. Well, my friends did not believe it (and now I have no idea how I can ever convince them when I do really fall in love, and this is not a case of crying wolf too many times, it’s a case of crying wolf never) Anyway, who did not know me very well, did call me up and congratulate, which I scoffed away, and the post did not get a lot of attention in form of comments, for which I am grateful to edgerank.

It is old news now. The week is over. Things are back to normal. Though I am still in love. But only on Facebook.


  1. Had you not tried publicising your urge to move away from FB, your (roomie's) post would have attracted a lot of attention :) (I mean from some non-tobaxi crowd as well :P).

  2. some warning for your love affair with FB-

    "In one recent study, 47 percent of heavy users of technology were found to have poor grades, versus 23 percent of light users."

    Don't believe me? follow the link :)
    So stop FBing and start studying..it is exams time :P :P


  3. Hmmm.........u r trying to run away from something REAL.......well LOVE=
    L= Loss
    O= Of
    V= Valuable
    E= Energy