Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pet Prostitution


Well, so this article in TIME says that if you've left your pet at home, don't be blue. Plush hotels around the world are providing pets like goldfish and dogs to make you feel at home. Pets reduce levels of stress and these pets are taken care of by the hotel staff, feeding included.

Does this sound like prostitution to anyone else? Having the benefits while not taking responsibility for anything.  Don't the guests develop any kind of attachment to these animals, who are so loving and look so dopey all the time.

Of course, they reduce stress and are promised a great life "with a purpose" by the PR managers of the hotel, but I really can't stop drawing parallels with the act of prostitution. Loving someone, being with someone, just for the momentary pleasure of one day! Where no one thinks of what the dog feels.

Someone please disagree with me.

1 comment:

  1. OMG...I wonder how you find parallels in seemingly unconnected matters!!

    I can't help agreeing more with you. Don't know about goldfish, but dogs, however friendly they are, for sure develop relationships with humans. A thought of going a step forward and providing kids to kill the boredom in a hotel room sends chills down the spine!

    Dogs are no different than kids; giving company to different owners each day will make them feel, as you've mentioned, like prostitutes!