Friday, December 10, 2010


This is for a friend, dedicated by another, I just happened to have the words, the feelings are hers:


Turn Around, and look!
She’s right behind you,
The one who just looked away, the one staring at her plate,
The one who is using her phone to text.
Yes, she was looking at you.
No, I’m not kidding, look there, she saw you again
That smile she is sharing with her friend,
You put it there, just by being here today.


  1. MAS :)

    Wanna try poetry? you sure have the feelings..you just need to work on the rhyming :)

  2. It more than just lovely... It did made me smile.. Just as a passing poet wud have said "The smiles, worth all the world to me"

  3. Abhishek.. i guess... good writers like good detectives.. rarely reveal their sources/inspirations.. :D..

    @Debo... you seem to be expert in writing these jewels at the drop of a hat...

    fb/twitter/blog ... what's next?