Sunday, August 30, 2015


This may be looking at life too pessimistically, but life seems to be a series of things which are designed to make us fail. It’s an obstacle course that’s designed by the Gods for humans. One task after the other, and you have to go on and on and on. Initially, you will keep sailing, keep flying. When you’re born, its things like walking, or eating or even being toilet trained and everyone knows of these obstacles and they will help you jump over them. And each jump will be accompanied by your fellow human applauding you. These jumps are considered to be life events and yes, they are. They are the events in life when we have tried and we have succeeded.

And there are entire elaborate systems designed to make this a success. The entire school system is designed to prepare someone for life’s challenges to be faced later on. And you know how life imitates nature? School system is also a series of obstacles artificially created so as to imitate life. Perhaps. But take these with a pinch of salt. These are not the real ones.

And life is all about moving on. Some of these challenges be really easy for you and really difficult for others and sometimes things which others show as really simple become a challenge for you.

Each journey is unique. While most people will follow one path, others may not follow the same. And different aspects of life may follow different paths. Your career maybe the most ordinary one, but your personal life maybe a path that is not travelled oft. And vice versa.

What is important that you keep faith and keep moving. Do not get bogged down by the series of challenges coming your way. It just means you are moving faster than others who are facing lesser challenges. Each one will help you grow in some way and you may not realize but it prepares you for something more in life.

So we should not give up. We should keep going. The minute you chose to give up, and stay put at the next obstacle, you will feel like you have arrived in life. You will think that life is easy and without difficulties, but that is not how life is supposed to be. It mean you have stopped moving forward.

Image Source: RD.COM